Kammi TourThe Magic Drum Sounds.. Summer Activities in Lemmenjoki


The Kammigalleria is a new, hexagonal exhibition chalet of arts and crafts made of reindeer antler, leather, wood and bones.

You will see a presentation of traditionally used handicraft materials of reindeer and of natural methods to produce them. You will find out how sustainable reindeer materials really are and see, how they has been used already hundreds of years effectively and with natural methods. The reindeer antler suits perfect for new design, jewellery, art and furnishing.

You will also get acquainted with the secrets of antler. You will be shown how the traditional Lapp knife is made and which part of the antler is best to make a Lapp spoon. You will see how the shape of the antler and its natural tones almost always determine the final form of the items and each piece is one of a kind. Hand engraving the antler is a skill, that today only few people can do. All items are hand engraved with the symbols of Lappish arctic nature and old historical shaman drums.

The reindeer antler is a yearly renewing raw material and you will find out about the many different kinds of antlers. The best for crafts are male reindeer´s antlers, which they shed in nature every year.

In winter time you will also meet some of our family´s reindeers on the farm and hear about the reindeer husbandry in the area.

You have a chance to make purchases in the gallery. We offer you personal jewellery, crafts and arts of reindeer antler, reindeer leather and bone, also some natural gold nuggets from River Lemmenjoki gold sites and high quality crafts.

The program includes coffee/tea with reindeer shaped cookies.

In summertime 1.6-30.9. open Tuesday-Saturday 12.00 – 18.00
In wintertime the Kammigalleria is open on request.

Magic Drum Sounds… program on request.