The reindeer antler won me over already twenty years ago, when I studied Sami crafts and arts and still I am enthusiastic over it. Reindeer husbandry is also our family`s livelihood, so reindeer has ever since been important in my life.

My antler workshop and gallery is situated in Inari on the shore of Lake Kuivajärvi, near the Lemmenjoki National Park at our reindeer farm.

I produce and design unique jewellery, art and also some traditional items. My main material is reindeer antler, but I also use birch burls, handmade reindeer leather and even bones.
The reindeer antler is sustainable yearly renewing. The best material for my products is the male reindeer antler, which they shed in nature every autumn. The shape of the antler and its natural tones almost always determine the final form to my products and each piece is one of a kind.

All my items are hand engraved, a skill that only few people can do today. The decorations and ideas for my objects originate in Lapland´s arctic nature, northern lights, ancient shaman drums and old traditions combined with my own imagination.

My ideology consists in producing sustainable articles of local materials in respecting the old traditions and natural methods.