Kammigallery is a new, hexagonal shaped loghause with exhibition of arts and crafts made of reindeer antlers, leather and bones. It situates on the shore of Lake Kuivajärvi, nearby the Lemmenjoki National Park on our reindeer farm.

In the Kammigallery you will see wide production of artisan Kikka Laakso, handmade jewellery of reindeer antlers, arts and furnishing with new modern designs. Here you meet old traditional handicrafts and also modern details in furnishing.

You have a chance to make purchases in the gallery. We offer You unique jewellery, knives and arts of reindeer antler, reindeer leather and bone, also a bit of natural gold nuggets from River Lemmenjoki gold sites and high quality crafts.

In wintertime Kammigalleria is open on request 1.10.-31.5.

In summertime 1.6. – 30.9. open Tuesday-Saturday 12.00-18.00
Open on request also when needed

Visit for groups under 30 min during openinghours with no charge

Kammi Tour visit for groups 30 min. 50 €/group

Magic Drum Sounds.. 1 hour presentation for groups 8 €/person, min. 80 €
includes coffee/tea with reindeer shaped cookie.


Artstudio Kikka Laakso
Lemmenjoentie 650 A, LEMMENJOKI

postal address: Lemmenjoentie 650 A, FIN-99800 IVALO
tel: +358-40-7443763
email: kikka.laakso@kammigalleria.fi